Knowledgeable Guidance For Your Estate Planning And Probate Matters

D. fulcher probateCharles Fulcher, Attorney at Law, LLC, can assist you in your simple estate planning needs. We provide clients in Pickens, Gilmer and Fannin Counties and throughout Georgia with advice for planning for the future and prepare estate planning documents governing their assets, specifying their wishes and meeting their personal objectives. There are many alternative routes to consider when planning your estate. These alternatives will be discussed and we can proceed with one or more of them depending on your needs and desires.

We Will Help You Craft An Estate Plan

In addition to providing assistance with the disposition of your assets upon your death, we can also assist you with health care matters. There are certain documents that can be put in place to protect you should you become incapacitated or make your families decisions easier should you become incapacitated. These documents are usually referred to as a health care power of attorney or a living will. We can review these documents with you, explain their legal and practical significance, and prepare either of the documents to express your desires.

Understanding The Probate Process

The loss of a loved one is a difficult time in everyone's life and the last thing family members and friends are usually concerned with is what to do with their assets and how their debts are going to get paid. We understand the probate process and can take the burden off of you having to deal with these issues on your own

If your loved one died without a will, we can assist you in filing for letters of administration or if your loved one died with a will, our lawyer can assist you in filing a petition to probate the will. Additionally, it is not uncommon for legal complications to arise during the probate process or a beneficiary of the estate to dispute the distribution of assets or other matters. We can also handle these issues and provide you with advice as to the appropriate and necessary steps to protect your interest in the estate.

Helping Your Family Through A Tough Time

D. Charles Fulcher, Attorney at Law, LLC, represents clients in the following probate matters:

  • Probating wills
  • Petitions for letters of administration
  • Representation while estate is open
  • Disputes regarding the estate
  • Inventorying the estate and determining estate assets
  • Dealing with estate creditors
  • Petition for Year's Support and disputes concerning Year's Support
  • Guardianship and conservatorship matters

What Is A Petition For A Year's Support?

A petition for year's support is a petition that can be filed by either the surviving spouse of the deceased or the minor child of the deceased asking for an award of money or property from the estate equal to the amount the deceased would have supported them for a one-year time period. Such an award by the probate court will take priority over the claims of creditors and if an award of real property is paid, it can also result in the property taxes being waived on the property for a year.

We Are Ready To Help You Navigate These Family Issues

If you need an attorney or have questions regarding estate planning or probate matters, please contact D. Charles Fulcher, Attorney at Law, LLC, at 706-314-8068 for a no-cost initial consultation. You can also send us an email.