Child Custody And Visitation

When parents are trying to decide what is best for a child after they separate or if an existing parenting plan warrants modification, working out the details can be difficult. At D. Charles Fulcher, Attorney at Law, LLC, we help clients in Pickens, Gilmer and Fannin Counties and throughout Georgia negotiate or litigate a child custody agreement that works for their children.

We have spent over a decade working on family law cases, and we will work to be a strong advocate for you and your children. Our No. 1 priority is balancing your goals and the best interests of your children during this tough time. Our lawyer will sit down with you to discuss the details involved in creating a plan that is in the best interests of your child and help you develop a custody agreement.

We Can Help You Negotiate A Parenting Plan

Parents often disagree when they are trying to decide what is in the best interest of their child. Crafting a parenting plan can be difficult. We will use our experience to help you negotiate a parenting plan that is in the best interest of your children. A parenting plan includes:

  • Where the child will spend school nights, weekends, summers and holidays
  • Who can make key life decisions for the child
  • Access and sharing of information
  • Rules for each parent’s parenting time that can be customized according to issues and concerns about the children and/or the other parent

All these issues will be clearly laid out for both parents. Georgia requires a separate order for parenting plans.

Understanding Different Custody Agreements

In Georgia, the courts recognize two types of custody, legal and physical. If a parent has legal custody of the child, they will make decisions for the child such as where the child attends school or church. Physical custody refers to where the child lives. Georgia allows sole and joint custody.

Children 14 years and older have a say as to where they want to live on a primary basis and the court takes that into consideration. Our focus is what is in the best interest of the child, and we will make sure a plan is set in place that honors them.

We Will Help Advocate On Behalf Of Your Kids

We understand how hard this process can be, and we will help advocate for the best interests of your children. Call us today at 706-314-8068 or send us an email to schedule a consultation.